Love comes in many ways

Sometimes it rushes in
Like the pounding of the waves-
And there is no doubt about it being there.

Sometimes it brushes past
Like a balmy summer breeze-
And leaves you refreshed for having passed by.

Sometimes it tiptoes in
Like softly falling snow-
And quietly stands beside you
To surround you with wonder
and a sense of belonging.

Sometimes it brightens up an otherwise dull day with laughter.

Sometimes it cheers up an otherwise sad day with a hug.

Sometimes it clears a rattled head with common sense.

Sometimes it calms an angry heart with patience.

Sometimes it is totally silent with understanding.

Sometimes it turns away – and pretends not to see.

Sometimes it is acceptance – and just letting be.

Love is always-
Caring enough about another
To make life better for them.

(by Violet Groth Vaca)

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