It Could Not Have Been Any Other Way

Hannah, Kristin. The Nightingale. New York: St. Martin’s Press, 2015.

Forget the prose that flows like the Seine through Paris or soars to heights lie the Pyrenees. Forget the lessons of a terrible war which are told in countless books. Forget the love stories which are not unlike those found elsewhere. All of the above are beautifully layered in Kristin Hannah’s haunting tale, The Nightingale, but the real reason to read this book is the incredible exploration of psychological depth which lies at the heart of the story of two polar opposite sisters who each must find their own way to fight against Nazism as well try to find their way back to the other. By the time you have finished, you will realize that there is simply no other way that each could have reacted. Both act out of the depths of their own situation and psychological states. You will have an “aha” moment when you realize how obvious it all is and then you will want to buy a copy for all your friends. I will say no more at the risk of giving too much away.

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