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Homage to a Priest

But for two candlesticks he carried who knows what might have been. To a priest they were mere silver, to a broken man the gift of hope. The gift was not a guarantee, his prison past could be his future. Javert’s obsessive pursuit proved tethered to one man’s struggle for his soul. Valjean’s battle to… Continue Reading

The Gift and Curse of Time

The first signs of gray in the beard, wish they were crumbs of a sugar doughnut. They’re not of course, just the relentlessness of time. My wife says they make me look distinguished; of such kindnesses are marriages glued. I tell my children there was no gray before they arrived; I’m teetering on the edge… Continue Reading

The Ticket

Brother Ivan returns his ticket; Alyosha calls it rebellion. Wrong term. Ivan hasn’t rebelled; he has given in. The greater sin. The ticket doesn’t matter. You have a dot’s chance in the infinity of space to make a difference. Stay in the game. Fight for what is just. “It’s not God that I don’t accept”… Continue Reading

It is Autumn at Gettysburg

  It is autumn at Gettysburg, seven score and ten years after Lincoln spoke here. The leaves are about their annual task. Vivid in color, they drop from their trees; softly, gently, quietly they fall, not at all like those boys in blue and grey: their falls punctuated by screams of terror and cries for… Continue Reading


    Tears of joy, tears of sadness: arise from different places in your heart. But both come to crystallize as dew drops on the eyes. They blur vision: ironically helping you to see what is important, heal what is broken, celebrate what is lovely. They find their own unique path down the rivulets of your… Continue Reading

The Hardest Job

Who builds white caskets this small? What force holds their hands steady? What force drives them on? What nightmares rumble through their sleep? Their little boxes will bury dreams, hopes, innocence, wonder and perhaps someone’s faith. Vermeer said one could always see a myriad of color in white. But the child’s parents see only grey… Continue Reading