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Beauty – a universal language
Cherished by the heart
Clutched in the soul
of each individual.
It seeks only
to bring joy and pleasure
happiness and health.
It gives excitement to living
an appreciation for life.

(by Violet Groth Vaca)


It is a sadness of my life That I have become cautious! How much we miss- How much we suffer less- When we have become cautious. I do not believe That cautiousness Is in God’s vocabulary! (by Violet Groth Vaca) Continue Reading

Love comes in many ways

Sometimes it rushes in Like the pounding of the waves- And there is no doubt about it being there. Sometimes it brushes past Like a balmy summer breeze- And leaves you refreshed for having passed by. Sometimes it tiptoes in Like softly falling snow- And quietly stands beside you To surround you with wonder and… Continue Reading

No Replays

Life is pitiless. No replays. No taking the putt back. No getting back the job you quit. No undrinking the one that made you lose it. No getting back the girl you foolishly let get away. But for me it is no undoing the night my daughter told me she spent four years away at… Continue Reading

Two Chairs

Two chairs side by side in a garden; in the distance a lake reflects evening’s light. The lovers reflect as well, back and forth, the soul of one, then the other. They have chosen to spend their precious day in that very human act of remembering, something the squirrels about them can’t do. Be it… Continue Reading


Seven billion people. Touch one. It changes you. Held a little Ecuadorian girl in the crook of my arm as she slept. One day earlier she would have been a stranger to me. One of seven billion. Now I’d take a bullet for her. We search for what separates us from other animals. But this… Continue Reading

Sands of Time

Shelley saw the unmaking of man in sands stretching as far as eye could see. He did not look behind to see the sands of time which have made us who we are. Long dead poets, buried painters, decayed kings of sculpture, music, dance and epic live on. Ozymandias had his day, but it is… Continue Reading

The Greatest Learning

A quiet mind, like a quiet pond; honor it for the gift it is. Lose yourself in it. You didn’t earn it. Learn from it. A thought enters; ripples across the once quiet pond, the mind quiet no more. Honor the ripples, too. Follow them to pond’s edge. They have something to tell you. Learn from… Continue Reading