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Beauty – a universal language
Cherished by the heart
Clutched in the soul
of each individual.
It seeks only
to bring joy and pleasure
happiness and health.
It gives excitement to living
an appreciation for life.

(by Violet Groth Vaca)


It is a sadness of my life That I have become cautious! How much we miss- How much we suffer less- When we have become cautious. I do not believe That cautiousness Is in God’s vocabulary! (by Violet Groth Vaca) Continue Reading

Honest Thomas

The scene is a courtroom in Oklahoma where a man is on trial for murder. There is strong evidence indicating guilt, but the body has never been found. There is no corpse. In the defense’s closing statement the lawyer, knowing that his client will probably be convicted tries something clever. “Ladies and gentlemen of the… Continue Reading

Love comes in many ways

Sometimes it rushes in Like the pounding of the waves- And there is no doubt about it being there. Sometimes it brushes past Like a balmy summer breeze- And leaves you refreshed for having passed by. Sometimes it tiptoes in Like softly falling snow- And quietly stands beside you To surround you with wonder and… Continue Reading