A note to the reader: my name is Phil Kershner and this blog features reviews of books, some poems and sermon reflections. I am a pastor at Marine United Church of Christ in Marine, Illinois. The material on this blog has been written by me (except where otherwise noted). This blog is primarily devoted to the cause of helping the poor in Ecuador by fundraising (with no cost to you) for FEDICE, an agency which has been doing a variety of projects for the needy in Ecuador for more than 20 years (feel free to check out their website at fedice.org). If you decide to make a purchase through my link (and using the link will take you straight to your own personal Amazon account if you have one), this can result in a commission which is how Ecuador is helped. This doesn’t cost you anything additional.  Anyone wishing to verify that I am keeping my fundraising promise to FEDICE can contact Dave Johnson of FEDICE USA (davej45@hotmail.com) or Blanca Puma Martinez, the head of FEDICE (blancapuma@hotmail.com). I thank you for visiting the site!  I hope you will do so often!

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The Beauty That Is Ecuador